Writing: Any type or length

Web copy that shines. Letters that dazzle. Speeches that inspire. Feature articles that glow. I am versatile. Bylined (give me the credit) or ghostwritten (sounds scary but it isn't)--either way, I can help. Exhale. There is hope.

Collaborative writing (teamwork)

It takes two to tango, and I'm an excellent dancer. I can lead, follow, vary my timing and pace to suit your project. I have collaborated with professionals from many fields, including engineering, science, the health professions, the fine arts, and business. Let me write with you.

Comprehensive editing

The difference between good and great writing is revision to:

highlight strengths

minimize weaker areas,

move key ideas strategically

improve word choice,

tweak sentence rhythms,

eliminate deadwood or jargon.

Let me do a short sample free of charge.

Copy editing

Precision in punctuation and sharpening of style require a fine eye. A good landscaper rarely starts by tearing out all the shrubs. I can go easy on major changes and "take a little off the top." Like a good haircut, copy editing (some say it's a dying art) can work wonders and help you put your best face forward. Smile.


Some may think that details do not matter anymore in our rushed era. You know better. Among my proofreading clients has been a medical journal -- scant room for error. In our electronic age, proofreading has special challenges. I offer a sharp eye and have trained proofreaders, too.

Teaching, Tutoring, and (Writing) Coaching

I am a lifelong teacher, coaching and supporting writers to build their own confidence and strive for eloquence.

I have taught professional writing, copy editing, creative writing, research-based writing, memoir writing, and beginning and advanced writing at colleges and universities.

I believe I can support your growth, too.